Sonorus Audio LLC


At Sonorus Audio, we have a long experience in product and technology development as well as in engineering management.


Engineering management consulting.


Based on a broad industry experience in engineering management we can provide services in some or all of the following management areas:


-        Management and department structure

-        Recruitment and hiring of technical talent

-        Practical technology development / advanced engineering

-        Product engineering

-        Product Development Process and departmental procedures

-        Integration of global design resources

-        Design for Manufacturing processes

-        Transition from Engineering to Manufacturing

-        Manufacturing engineering


R&D and Product Design consulting.

With hands-on experience ranging from military and medical systems to high volume consumer electronics and from cost optimized ITE equipment to performance optimized High End Audio systems, we can be provide practical design services for most mixed signal and analog requirements, with an expert level experience in Power Electronics and Audio.


We can provide services in some or all of the following engineering areas:


-        High level architecture development

-        Technology development

-        Practical circuit design and development

-        Firmware development

-        Design for performance

-        Design for manufacturing

-        Design for cost

-        PCB design

-        Prototype build

-        Test and qualification

-        Safety submission

-        EMC submission

-        Manufacturing engineering

-        Transition from engineering to manufacturing

o   Working with customer determined manufacturers

o   Using Sonorus recommended manufacturers


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