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At Sonorus Audio our goal is to reproduce recorded music as true to the original performance as possible. We are reaching for this goal by using an objective scientific approach while staying receptive to the traditional high end audio beliefs. We are currently developing a complete audio system from source to loudspeakers with a transparency that is unmatched in today’s audio industry. Together with our Sonorus Holographic Imaging Process it is possible to create a three dimensional sound field with a unique feel of realism that is not available today.


Sonorus Holographic Imaging Process.

The Sonorus Holographic Imaging Process is a playback process that is able to extract a level of detail from existing recordings not available from regular systems. The process starts with the original music on several different media as they may exist, analog and digital, standard resolution and high resolution, two channel and multi channel. Each medium contains a copy of the original master recording, however to a certain extent tainted by the medium itself or by the recording and playback equipment. The common factor of all the media is the original recording in its purest form.


The SonoruS playback process can use up to eight channels of source material to recover the most detail from the original recording and put it back into two channels.

The recovery and recombination process is real time and fully analog, using hybrid (tubes and solid state) electronics. The process uses a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 input channels and produces a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 output channels that are then recombined to 2 channels that can be reproduced over a conventional stereo system.

If the original recording contains true ambient or surround information, the result of the SonoruS Holographic Imaging Process can immerse the listener in a sound field that extends to almost 360 degrees, even though it is only reproduced from two channels.

The input channels are used at their highest available resolution. Since the analog process doesn’t use any form of truncation or rounding, the output channels will each contain at least the same resolution as any of the input channels. After recombination, the resolution of the remaining two channels is significantly higher than any of the original input channels.


In order to preserve this very high level of detail, the result is recorded onto analog tape at 15ips. An important additional benefit of analog tape is that the playback of the medium is the least intrusive and least compromising of any of the available media, allowing the degradation by the playback equipment of the recording to be less than vinyl or digital media.


The final result is a greater level of detail, lower coloration and a significantly improved soundstage.

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Read the following article about SonoruS Holographic Imaging at : 

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