Audio Services:

  • Sonorus Holographic Imaging (SHI)
  • Analog tape
  • Reel to reel
  • Recording and mastering services
  • Consulting

Engineering Services:

  • Research & Development
  • Audio Engineering
  • Power Supply Engineering
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • EMC consulting


SonoruS Holographic Imaging (SHI) and SonoruS Stereo Revelation (SSR)


Sonorus Holographic Imaging (SHI) is a new recording technology that when played back on a conventional stereo sound system allows the listener to be enveloped in a three dimensional sound field. Sonorus Stereo Revelation (SSR) is an application of SHI that reveals the three dimensional sound field captured inside an existing conventional stereo recording at its full potential. SSR makes it possible to remaster existing stereo albums to a whole new level of realism and emotional engagement.

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Research & Development and Engineering


The Sonorus Holographic Imaging technology is the result of over 30 years of R&D in the field of wave propagation and psycho-acoustics. Almost all equipment we use is designed and engineered in house to the highest engineering standards. 

Our R&D and engineering expertise which goes far beyond audio is also available for external customers.

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SonoruS Holographic Imaging (SHI) Tapes


Most existing albums can be remastered using SHI. 

Audio professionals and audiophiles alike have received the dynamics, soundstage and musicality of these SHI tapes with great enthusiasm.

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