SonoruS Research & Development

The Sonorus Holographic Imaging technology is the result of over 30 years of R&D in the field of wave propagation, psycho-acoustics and electronic circuitry. Almost all equipment we use is designed and engineered in house to the highest engineering standards. 

Acoustical Holographic Imaging is an intricate combination of acoustical wave physics, electronic processing and above all psycho-acoustics, which is eventually the most important area to which everything else plays a mere supporting role. 

Over the years, many practical listening tests have taken priority over pure technical analysis. More often than not our listeners were people that had no direct link to professional audio or the audiophile society. Every human being has exceptional natural three dimensional listening skills based on everyday experience since birth. If untrained listeners cannot immediately hear and feel the natural 3D soundstage the technology isn't really doing what it is supposed to do.

Based on that practical research we have decided that all electronics need to be as transparent as at all possible and no unnatural trickery can be applied in any form because the human brain will poke through that in a matter of two weeks or less. For that reason we decided to abandon all digital filtering which does allow unnatural shortcuts that are technically very appealing but practically devastating.

As a result the whole SHI process can be executed real time in the analog domain. It also became clear that all forms of sound coloration caused by electronics, speakers and other devices in the signal path are potentially harmful. For that reason we decided to design all our equipment based on the best technologies available for that goal which resulted in a mix of vacuum tube and solid state analog circuitry with digital control, and both linear and switch-mode power supplies as well as a combination of electrostatic and dynamic speakers for the monitoring system.

The R&D and engineering results can be seen in many pictures on this website. More importantly the results can be heard on our Sonorus Holographic Imaging tapes as well some albums that have been recorded directly in SHI. 

Our R&D and engineering expertise which goes far beyond audio is also available for external customers.


consulting and engineering services


At Sonorus Audio, we have a long experience in product and technology development.

With hands-on experience ranging from military and medical systems to high volume consumer electronics and from cost optimized ITE equipment to performance optimized High End Audio systems, we can provide practical design services for most mixed signal and analog requirements, with an expert level experience in Power Electronics and Audio.

We can provide services in some or all of the following engineering areas:

-  High level architecture development

-  Technology development

-  Practical circuit design and development

-  Design for performance

-  Design for manufacturing

-  Design for cost

-  PCB design

-  Prototype build

-  Test and qualification

-  Product safety

-  EMC compliance