Sonorus Holographic Imaging Tapes


Since the Sonorus Holographic Imaging process is a fully analog process even if the source is often digital, the best way to capture the result is recording it on analog tape.

Most existing albums can be remastered using SHI if a multi channel master is available or SSR if the master is in stereo.  Audio professionals and audiophiles alike have received the dynamics, soundstage and musicality of these SHI tapes with great enthusiasm.

As a service to its customers Sonorus can record a Holographic Imaging tape of most existing abums provided that the customer purchases the blank tape from Sonorus and the customer can provide proof of ownership of a legal copy of the original album.

Please contact us at with the titles of the albums you are interested in and we will let you know if it can be done. 


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Sonorus Holographic Imaging Tape Recording system